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At Califia Farms, we are on a mission to create a future where plants replace dairy, without compromise.

Variety: We simply love plants, that’s why we don’t just stick to one. From our oat drinks, almond drinks or plant based coffees, we make it easy to swap out dairy.

Versatility: We make sure our products perform in the kitchen no matter what you’re making, baking, and blending. The plant-based possibilities are endless.

Taste: Everything we make, we make delicious. It’s our first, second, and third priorities. That’s why a lot of our customers switch from dairy because they prefer the taste of Califia.

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All the benefits of plant-based. All the deliciousness. All the products you need to cook, bake, and make your dream dishes dairy-free. All the fun. All the flavour. Always plant-based.
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