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9 May 19

Sustainable brand JUST Water has sparked an exclusive 12-month partnership with adidas.

The like-minded brands both have a strong commitment to sustainability and will join forces to provide JUST Water to employees and customers in two flagship adidas stores in London.

The predominantly plant-based JUST Water carton struck a chord with adidas because of the sport brand’s Sustainability Roadmap for 2020, which will proactively address the impacts of climate change through its operations, supply chain and various partnerships.

Throughout the partnership, JUST Water will supply cartons for adidas’ community-focused, creative events held in each of the flagship stores every month. The two stores also have a fully-branded JUST Water refrigerator, from which complementary water is offered to customers and event attendees.

As part of a local partnership between adidas Hanbury Street and Creative Debuts, the store hosts a spotlight series which provides a platform to showcase new artists and allows the artist’s work to live in-store for the month. In February they opened their doors to Charlie Oscar Patterson and his Objects of Music project, as well as featuring an origami class.

Another of the more recent events was a brand collaboration with vintage clothes shop Absolute Vintage, whereby net sales were donated to London’s non-profit homeless facility Shelter from the Storm.

JUST Water cartons were provided at the Stan Smith book signing, an album launch for the musician IAMDBB and at visual collage event ‘Note to Self’ – an intimate hang out of 17 like-minded women, which focused on setting goals and motivating each other through vision boards and mindfulness sessions. The events are aimed at bringing communities together through a mutual love of fashion, music and art.

Founded in 2015 by Jaden Smith, son of Hollywood actor Will Smith, JUST Water was born from a mutual passion for making things cleaner, safer and better for everyone. Composed of 53% paper and 28% plant-based plastic, JUST Water’s 82% renewable content helps keep carbon emissions low as production demands significantly less fossil fuel for production compared with traditional PET bottles.

Essentially, JUST is 82% renewable, 100% recyclable and refillable – a great step towards positive change.

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