In the beginning, there were two mates who met in work… Niall and Tom.

In 2014, Tom went on a personal fitness journey where he ate sensibly, worked out regularly and ate protein bars as a snack to fill himself between meals.  Niall liked the idea of the protein bars as a snack but couldn’t stand their texture, or taste.

Both of them thought “why can’t a healthy snack be better for you, and tasty?”

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Very-very early on Saturday morning, Niall was watching Nickelodeon while minding his many children, when an ad came on for a kids chocolate bar making kit.  He went out and bought one that day and started working with Tom making healthy and TASTY protein bars.

They spent two years working on the challenge, even bringing in a nutritionist (Prof. Gareth Williams) and an Olympian who had won Ireland’s Celebrity MasterChef (David Gillick), and finally launched Fulfil in January 2016.

The rest as they say, is history.